The Ultimate List of Instagram Hashtags

Over 1,200 Targeted Hashtags for Soloprenurs & Creatives

Hey, you! Are you a photographer, blogger, content creator, digital marketer, or some type of solopreneur?

If you are, chances are you've heard all about Instagram.

This visually appealing platform has helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs just like you grow their businesses online.

You want that same success for your own business, and you deserve it!

There's only one problem...


I've seen your frustrations.

"Why am I stuck at the same number of followers?"

"None of my leads are coming from Instagram!"

"It feels like nobody is seeing my content that I'm working so hard to create."

You know that the core issue you're having is ineffective hashtag research.

Well, you're in luck.

I've been working on Instagram strategy and marketing for over two years.

During that time, I've learned one thing.

The hashtags you use will make or break your marketing efforts on this platform.

Why are hashtags so important anyway? Here are a few reasons why:

  • They boost your engagement exponentially.
  • They help you connect with your target market.
  • They help you grow your following with Instagrammers who are interested in getting to know you.

That's why I started researching... and researching... and researching...

Before I knew it, I had collected a database of over 1,200 hashtags in multiple industries.

Now I'm sharing it with you.

This is your one-stop shop for all things hashtag research.

Imagine having all the hashtags you'll ever need, all in one place.

All you have to do is download the file, then you can copy the hashtags you want to use into your Planoly or Later account. From there, you can plug them into your Instagram captions.

And that's it!

What makes my hashtag library different?

You may be thinking, "I've seen dozens of downloadable freebies, so why wouldn't I download one of those?"

The free downloads may seem to good to be true at first. That's because they are.

I've seen plenty of bloggers offer free spreadsheets that have hundreds of Instagram hashtags.

Upon further inspection, here's what I discovered...

The hashtags they have are extremely generic, and have millions upon millions of posts associated with them.


If you're using #foodie, #love, or #fashionblogger, you're not going to see sufficient Instagram growth, and here's why:

Hundreds of posts are being added to those tags by the second. Therefore, yours is going to get lost quicker than a tweet.

Some of those tags are shadowbanned which means that your account could get suspended or permanently blocked.

Plenty of those hashtags are not targeted which means that you're going to have random bot accounts following you, instead of real people.

Instead, you want to use hashtags that are relevant, cohesive, and have a much smaller amount of posts associated with them.

Those are the hashtags that are included in my downloadable library. Just for you!

In my library, you'll receive:

  • Color-coded hashtags so you'll know exactly how popular each hashtag is
  • Categorized hashtags that are easy to find based on your industry, niche, or brand
  • The majority of the hashtags I've found have less than one million posts, and some have less than 500,000 so you know your captions will be seen
  • An updated list every business quarter so you'll never run out of hashtags to use

The best part?

You'll have lifetime access to this Hashtag Library with your one-time purchase.

You're one click away from experiencing authentic Instagram growth.

What are you waiting for?

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Miranda Hassen

I'm YOUR Instagram, Pinterest & Email Marketing gal pal. I help solopreneurs grow their passion into a sustainable business that they love.

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